About Us

Craig Boeger – Attorney
Grew up with a silver spoon in my mouth?  Nope.  I was raised on a cattle ranch herding cattle and bucking hay.  As a teen I worked in a small logging operation, falling timber, setting chokers and running a loader and an old Kenworth logging truck.  I also learned about something called a work ethic – – if you didn’t pull your weight, you didn’t get paid.  

While putting myself through college, I worked as a warehouseman and was a proud member of the Teamster’s Union.  After law school I went to work for a large San Francisco personal injury law firm as an associate then as an independent contractor attorney responsible for my own caseload from the day the client was first interviewed through trial.  That’s important because in some large firms associate attorneys, or even non-attorney legal assistants, handle a case until it gets into litigation.  Once in litigation, it is then assigned to a senior attorney who may have a lot of experience but who might know relatively little about you or your case.  I have literally handled thousands of personal injury cases.  Personal injury law has been the sole focus of my practice for over 25 years.

On weekends My family and I enjoy boating in the Delta and the San Francisco Bay.

Janet Boeger – Office Manager / CFO After receiving an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts, Janet attended California State University, Hayward, where she earned her Certificate in Paralegal Studies in 1993.  She has worked for independent attorneys, as well as large civil litigation firms. Janet oversees the day-to-day operations of the firm as well as handles the accounting and marketing.  She can be contacted via email at boegerlawfirm@att.net or her direct line at (925) 240-2408, ext. 2.    

Regina Alvarez – Litigation Secretary (bi-lingual)  Regina has worked in the legal field for over 20 years and is fluent in both English and Spanish.  Once a matter is in litigation (lawsuit has been filed in Court), it is transferred to her for handling under my supervision.  If your matter is in litigation and I am out of the office, Regina can be reached at (925) 240-2408, ext. 4.    

Alex Martinez – Case Assistant  Alex assists me with all new cases by notifying insurance companies of our representation as well as gathering and organizing medical records and billing.  If I am out of the office, Alex can be reached at (925) 240-2408, ext. 3.