Why you want an experienced personal injury attorney on your side

When you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an auto accident, a decision needs to be made on whether to use an attorney you or a family member already know or whether you are going to “take a chance” on an attorney you don’t know but who handles personal injury cases exclusively. The simple fact is most of us do not get in enough car … [Read more...]

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Declaration Page

YOUR AUTO INSURANCE DECLARATION PAGE - - WHAT IT ALL MEANS Required Coverage: Liability – Also called Bodily Injury. This coverage pays up to the limit purchased for injuries you or an insured cause while driving a car covered by the policy. There are two primary kinds of liability policies. The most common is called a split limits … [Read more...]

Can a Chiropractor help me?

I am often asked by clients who have suffered painful injuries to their spines in automobile collisions or falls whether chiropractic could help them. The truth is I have had hundreds of clients over the years who have sworn that their speedy recovery was due to the efforts of their experienced chiropractor.  Medical studies seem to back up my … [Read more...]