Big Rig Accident

A loaded big rig can weigh up to 80,000lbs.  It can take up to 40 percent more roadway to bring these behemoths to a complete stop. Add to those facts that many big rig drivers are sleep deprived or are taking illegal drugs to stay awake and you have a recipe for disaster.

Heavy trucks are regulated not just by the state of California but also by the federal government. Unless your attorney is aware of that and the myriad laws that cover big rigs and their drivers you or your family members will be at a big disadvantage when it comes to fighting big  insurance companies.

I once worked on a case where a big rig driver rear-ended my client’s vehicle on Hwy 99. My client was permanently disabled and required multiple spinal surgeries. The insurance company for the big rig driver denied liability, argued the collision was unavoidable and said my client caused the collision by stopping too quickly. Then the carrier stonewalled me and said they were unable to find the big-rig driver. I hired a private investigator to find the driver.  At his deposition, the big-rig driver readily admitted that the truck had defective brakes, that he had complained about it for months and that his employer told him to make his deliveries or be fired. I settled the case for a substantial sum.

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