Motorcycle Collisions

motorcycle collisionsHere is why you need a Motorcycle Accident Attorney. Motorcycle collisions are rarely true accidents.  By that, I mean many drivers distracted by phones, music or other motorists often complain after a collision that they never saw the cyclist.  This is called negligence.

Does your Motorcycle Accident Attorney Ride?

Unless your motorcycle accident attorney rides, he or she can never fully understand the specialized physics and risks that go with riding.  Furthermore, a non-riding attorney might be just as prejudiced against you as the insurance adjuster. Don’t take that chance. Choose a motorcycle accident attorney who rides.

Most motorcycle enthusiasts ride much more defensively and alertly than latte-sipping motorists on their way to work.  Nevertheless, riders who often do more to avoid a collision than motorists around them, face prejudice when making a claim.  This is why you want to choose an experienced, knowledgeable motorcycle accident attorney.

When you have done everything you can possibly do to avoid a collision but it still finds you, you need someone who really understands what happened. Knowing the theory just isn’t enough. You need someone on your side who can explain what really happens just before a motorcycle collision. I am an experienced motorcycle accident attorney and an experienced rider of 20 years.