“This was my first experience with a lawyer and it was a great one! He is professional, knowledgeable and he genuinely cares about his clients. He made the process easy for me to understand and took the time to do anything possible to get me the highest settlement. I would recommend him to anyone who needed a personal injury lawyer.” – – Taylor W. in Brentwood

“When our minor son suffered traumatic injuries, we hired the Boeger Law Firm to represent him on the recommendation of a friend.  Mr. Boeger took our needs and schedule into consideration and even came to our house for the initial consultation and on several other occasions during the entire process.  He took the time to get to know us and the case.  Every phone call and email was returned promptly.  He explained the legal procedures and let us know what to expect at every stage.  Mr. Boeger actually recovered a better settlement for our son than originally expected.  Once everything was resolved, Mr. Boeger met us at the bank and sat with us and the financial service consultant to make sure the trust account for our son was set up properly.  We definitely recommend the Boeger Law Firm if you or a loved one have suffered an accident.”  – – Joelle G. in Oakley

“I was expecting to only get about $20,000 after being hurt in a car accident, but I got more than three times that much. I was a passenger and didn’t realize that having full coverage on my own car also covered me. After getting all he could from the person who hit me, Mr. Boeger got more money from my own insurance company. And, no, my rates didn’t go up. I would definitely use him if I get hurt again. He even offered to meet me at my house if I didn’t want to drive to Brentwood.”  – – Richard O. in Concord

“My son was in a car accident while driving my car.  Although he wasn’t hurt, Mr. Boeger gave me free advice over the phone on how to get the CHP report and how to deal with my insurance company as well as my son’s insurance company.” – – Marie V. in Antioch

“I have a lot of respect for Craig Boeger after seeing how he handled my good friend’s (Patty D.) case  after she had been in a car accident that caused multiple serious knee and back injuries. Not only did he make it convenient to her by going to her home to meet with her personally, he did a wonderful job handling her case and obtaining a sizable settlement.   She had two surgeries and was seeing many doctors for the other physical and emotional side effects of the injuries.  She was also taking numerous medications that were negatively affecting both her work and her entire life.  I didn’t know Mr. Boeger at the time and referred my friend solely based on an acquaintance’s opinion that he was a good personal injury lawyer. She told me that Mr. Boeger and his staff were very attentive and responsive to her calls and always answered all her questions. Although her recovery has been slow, at least her medical bills have been paid and the settlement she received for pain and suffering has helped to alleviate the financial stress in her life.  It was a great relief to me that I referred her to the right attorney.” – – Deborah B. in Discovery Bay

“We had a legal issue that had been going on for 18 months. communication between us and their Lawyer had stopped. We contacted Mr. Boeger, who spoke with the other attorney on our behalf.  This issue was resolved within six days.
Both the office manager, Janet and Mr. Boeger were an extreme pleasure to work with. We will definitely use Boeger Law Firm again should the need arise.” – – Lavina W. in Oakley

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