Why you want an experienced personal injury attorney on your side

When you or a loved one have been seriously injured in an auto accident, a decision needs to be made on whether to use an attorney you or a family member already know or whether you are going to “take a chance” on an attorney you don’t know but who handles personal injury cases exclusively. The simple fact is most of us do not get in enough car … [Read more...]

Understanding Your Auto Insurance Declaration Page

YOUR AUTO INSURANCE DECLARATION PAGE - - WHAT IT ALL MEANS Required Coverage: Liability – Also called Bodily Injury. This coverage pays up to the limit purchased for injuries you or an insured cause while driving a car covered by the policy. There are two primary kinds of liability policies. The most common is called a split limits … [Read more...]

Can a Chiropractor help me?

I am often asked by clients who have suffered painful injuries to their spines in automobile collisions or falls whether chiropractic could help them. The truth is I have had hundreds of clients over the years who have sworn that their speedy recovery was due to the efforts of their experienced chiropractor.  Medical studies seem to back up my … [Read more...]

Why you need Med-Pay Insurance

A brief overview and some frequently asked questions. Medical Payment Coverage is basically medical insurance offered through most auto insurance companies - - it covers medical expenses up to the limit purchased. It pays regardless of fault for injuries related to an automobile collision, so it is considered a no fault provision within the … [Read more...]


I was hurt badly when I was rear-ended in my SUV. My doctor wrote a report verifying my injuries but the insurance company denied my claim. What’s wrong? It may be because your receiver hitch protected your truck from damage and transferred all of the force of the impact to you! Today nearly 40 percent of the vehicles on the road have … [Read more...]

Do I even need an attorney?

If you have been involved in an accident where the other driver is obviously at fault and your injuries really are minor and you only require a few trips to the doctor for check-ups, then you probably do not need an attorney.  You can send your medical records and bills to the other person’s carrier and they might give you a fair settlement.   The … [Read more...]

What to do if you have been involved in an auto accident

1.  AT THE SCENE a. Get medical care if you need it. If you are uncertain of your medical condition, go to the hospital. Shock, fear, embarrassment and worry over the cost keeps many away from the emergency room. Not only could you have a serious injury that goes undiagnosed because you avoided care, you have no documentation that the injury is … [Read more...]